Seble worked with the AFC charity as a volunteer for years before becoming our fundraising coordinator. In this position, she maintained donor relationships, recruited and led teams of volunteers, and assisted with planning, organizing, and executing major fundraising events, including art auction benefits. The actual work she put into the organization, however, far exceeded her job description. Seble was part of every aspect of the charity- from helping with programs on the ground, to maintaining art inventory systems, to meeting with members of the board of directors to discuss organization decisions.  She put her heart and soul into everything she did, and went above and beyond on many occasions.  Seble’s great strengths, from my perspective having worked closely with her, are her excellent organizational skills and ability to keep calm under pressure, and her ability to be a leader that motivates her team members to do their best and work together.  She absolutely shines in her interpersonal skills, and was able to reach out to all sorts of people from diverse backgrounds and bring them on board various projects.  She is extremely resourceful and can find connections and common ground in the most unlikely places.  Besides all of which, she’s a lovely person to know and to work with.

Cera collaborated with Seble to host AFC’s annual fundraiser.

― Cera Mattingly, Former Executive Director- Artists for Charity