Seble has been working with Letena Ethiopian Restaurant for the past year in various capacities. She has been a trusted consultant in our marketing campaigns in all areas including social media platforms, website design, and traditional marketing material design. She has provided valuable input to the development of the strategic goals of our marketing objectives. I have been extremely impressed with Seble’s attention to detail, organizational skill, enthusiasm, and her ability to take a broader view of how each marketing activity ties into a larger strategic objective of Letena’s marketing plan. Seble promptly delivers high quality client deliverables. She takes ownership of her consulting engagement and really thinks about how she can have the most impact within the limited time and resources available to her. Furthermore, Seble’s infectious personality lends itself to a pleasant interaction with her clients as I have witnessed firsthand. Based on the aforementioned, I can fully endorse Seble to any client who can use her consulting services in developing marketing campaigns on social media as well as website design and content development.

Yamrot is Seble’s Client.

― Yamrot Ezineh, Owner – Letena Ethiopian Restaurant